1876 United States Department of State Gilded Bronze Frame

1876 United States Department of State Gilded Bronze Frame


United States of America Department of State large gilt bronze picture frame made for the Philadelphia Centennial International Exposition 1876 convoked by President Ulysses S. Grant and Emperor Dom Pedro of Brazil (http://historyatstate.tumblr.com/post/119292623618/celebrating-the-centenary-philadelphia-expo-1876).

The frame, which is of a heavy cast bronze construction is composed of a full laurel wreath. The Union shield sits at the top and the federal seal is at the bottom overlaying a ribbon bow. Above the eagle in the seal, it is written, "Department of State United States of America" and on a banner from the mouth of the eagle, "E Pluribus Unum". The frame comes with older if not original glass that is thick, hand cut and hand ground. On the back, four sturdy and functional clips serve to hold the photo in place. There is a large sturdy ring to hang it. Condition is immaculate with a beautiful even patina front and back. The US Ambassador to France would be so lucky as to have a photo in this frame. I would be surprised if you ever see another.

I contacted the Office of the Historian at the US Department of State and a PhD sent a message back saying that they had never seen one.

Dimensions: 9.75" x 12.5"

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