1850 German Steel Strong Box or Chest

1850 German Steel Strong Box or Chest


Offered here is what I believe is a painted steel strongbox that may date from the mid to late 19th century. This item is made of solid steel that is of extremely surdy construction. The box has a massive (4.75") s-shaped key to lock the box. Inside the lid, there are 4 bolts on front and back and two on either side that radiate out when locked. The box has two iron handles at either side. There are elaborate Tudor rosettes mounted around the front and sides while the back is plain. The box has two ring pairs at the front to which can be applied a lock at either side to provide even more security. No writing or other identifiers on the box. The inside of the lid has been painted with two stylized gold griffins in front of a brilliant red background. Makes for a very fine end table or small coffee table. It's a bit difficult to identify the box to a date or a country as there is just nothing else like it out there.

Dimensions: 15" tall x 16.5" deep x 25.5" long. About 130 pounds.

Condition is outstanding and the lock is fully functional and smooth.

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