Frederic Cozzens - A Misty Morning -- Drifting Chromolithograph 1883

Frederic Cozzens - A Misty Morning -- Drifting Chromolithograph 1883


This is a rare chromolithograph by Frederic Cozzens depicting several yachts, a steamship, and a kayaker in the foreground., 1883, Charles Scribners, and an Armstrong Production, New York. "A Misty Morning -- Drifting." It was painted in 1883. It shows the steamers, Utowana, Nokomis (Nettie), Crusader and Hildegard. "In Cozzens' tranquil picture, a squadron of exellent boats like Crusader, Nokomis and Hildegard may be rendered helpless despite the best model and seamanship while a sturdy little steamer like the Utowana will rush past them as if possessed of a royal road to pleasure.

Nokomis (late Nettie) was a keel schooner built in Northport in 1861 by Hart and altered in 1880. The Hildegard was a large, seventy foot centerboard sloop yacht that had raced with Mischief and Gracie and Pocahontas in triel races. She had been built in Islip, Long Island by Smith for H. Oelrichs. Crusader was a centerboard schooner, build in 1880 by Mumm of Brooklyn. She was ninety-seven feet overall. This scene is an excelent example of Cozzens' ability to set a mood with his calm water and limp, hanging sails."

Quoted from Frederic Cozzens, Marine Painter, Anita Jacobsen, Alpine Fine Arts Collection, Ltd., New York and London, 1982.

This item has a small crack at lower left. Surprisingly, it is pretty subtle and would not be noticed from a few inches away-- I have offered this at a very low price because of this condition issue. Unframed, this piece is mounted on the original backing board. Signed bottom left Cozzens 83. Could be conserved to new condition. I imagine how incredible this would look in a Martha's Vineyard or Hilton Head home. You can learn more about this series on this Antiques Roadshow clip:

The dimensions are: 14.25" x 20.5" on the backing board which is: 22" x 28.25"

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