Ca 1905 Silver Overlay Ceramic Teapot

Ca 1905 Silver Overlay Ceramic Teapot


A scarce and very unusual teapot, ca. 1890-1905. This teapot is made of a heavy glazed ceramic (white inside and red on the outside). Marked only with an incised 2 on the bottom. The teapot is handsomely encased in elaborately patterned electroformed(?) metal, probably silver plated white metal. The top is solid metal and fixed by way of a stout collar. The lid swings open by way of an elegant round knob. All very pleasing and symmetrical. Handle appears to be wood with an ebonized finish. Handle is tight with slight finish wear (shown).

Dimensions: 5.5" x 8"

The teapot is rare and examples have been hard to find (if you know more, please send a message!). One other example was auctioned in Boston in 2018:

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silver overlay,electroformed silver