Important Portugese Solid Silver Serving Tray or Platter Monumental

Important Portugese Solid Silver Serving Tray or Platter Monumental


Want to put their jaws on the floor? A showy solid silver serving tray of massive proportions hand crafted in Portugal, possibly in Lisbon. A perfect example of the lavish and ostentatious repousse work so typical of Portugese silversmiths. Lots of hand engraving and chasing adorning the tray. The tray features a simple and unadorned plate with a cast rim bearing silver scrolls, scallop shells, acanthus, and wave-like swages. Condition is very good with some small signs of wear and use. The piece is twice marked. One mark is the Portugal eagle and the 833 mark. the second mark is less clear but looks to be a maker mark in a trapezoidal cartouche. An extreme gauge of silver gives you every confidence in the world this tray is going to serve the heaviest and most critical deliveries, be they turkey or champagne flutes. This item is perfectly sized to accommodate roasts, large vegetable dishes, hors d'oeuvres, or cocktails. Versatile. Those handles are perfect for hands large or small. Some texturing at the bottom in the form of whorls.

16" across and 27" long.

Weight: A bit under 6 pounds of silver (2,545 grams)

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