Japanese Meiji Pure Silver Teapot by Fujimoto (Kyushu, Japan - 1868-1900)

Japanese Meiji Pure Silver Teapot by Fujimoto (Kyushu, Japan - 1868-1900)


Stunning Japanese pure silver teapot in near perfect condition with a simple finial and an elegant solid silver handle. The handle is excellent for carrying the pot and rocks just slightly to assist in the removal of the perfectly fitting lid. The lid is vented by way of a tiny and precise hole. You can see in the inside that the teapot is entirely made by hand and was hand hammered. The hours of work to create this are innumerable. A few signs of age appropriate patina as shown including minor battle scars. Lid is a little oversnug and this can be adjusted to fit to your taste. Spout is ver slightly asymmetric-- owing to the handmade nature of the teapot. This teapot holds about 3.5 cups (750mL) and has a very graceful and easy pour. Because of its scarcity, the Japanese silversmiths always used silver sparingly.

How on earth this little Meiji period Kyushu, Japan silver teapot by Fujimoto found its way into the estate of a WWII vet in Colorado must be one hell of a story. Marked on the bottom with the jungin mark ('pure silver'), and under the lid with the retailer and maker marks.

Dimensions: 6" wide x 7.75" tall

Weight: 405 grams

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